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"Wild Bill" English, A Motorcycle Ridin', Trombone Playin' Cowboy Poet.

Alrighty, I have been asked to give y'all the lowdown on me. I was born on November 21, 1953 (Scorpio), so I am older than dirt. Yep, God made me, then He made dirt. So that makes me an old Cowboy. Let's...

Service Calling for Little Free Pantries in Texomaland

This is a call to action for a Texomaland food-raising campaign to unite young people, fishing and hunting guides, bird hunting and wildlife viewing rangers, writers and artists, and anyone who can interest a...

Medal Of Honor In Texomaland

For two decades, Gainesville, Texas has played host to over 50 recipients of the Congressional Medal Of Honor, the highest medal in the U.S. military given for acts of valor. This year, the tradition...

Historic Drive-In Restaurants and Drive-In Theaters Live On

New generations of Americans can breathe in the nostalgia of the American road trip experience that bloomed exponentially after WWII. The Drive-In restaurants and movie theaters gave big wind to family...

Texas Quarter Horse Stallion Superstars: Copper Bottom, Steel Dust, Shiloh 

The quarter horse was essential to Texas cowboys after the Civil War as a crackerjack cow pony. Quarter horses were also known as extremely agile sprint racers on the quarter mile racetrack. Horse racing was...

Buffalo Bill Cody: Like a Movie Star

Before the Wild West Shows Before the Wild West exhibitions produced by a man called Buffalo Bill swooped the nation and Europe exciting crowds with performances like trick horseback riding, shooting...

Fun Activities on Lake Texoma Spring Break 2021 

If you are looking for a unique spring break getaway this time around, you may consider a short vacation at the beautiful Lake Texoma on the border of Texas and Oklahoma. It covers close to 9,000 acres in an...

Are Black Bears Roaming Texomaland?

Yes, black bears are scouting for habitats in Texomaland! There was one black bear harvest in Bryan County, Oklahoma, in October 2020. Historically, four of the 16 subspecies of black bears found their hunting...

Country Turkeys

My best friend’s daughter, Shannon Marie, a stay at home mom, received a turkey from her neighbor. The turkey was lonely, and it screamed and cried. So Shannon got him a duck, and they bonded. Shannon is...

Captain John Hart, Part 2

John Hart and Holland Coffee entered into a dispute over land that became complicated and lengthy. This dispute included Coffee’s one-time partner, Silas Colville. Historical accounts do not portray any...

Captain John Hart, Part I: The First Recorded White Man to Set Foot on the Red River in Texomaland

The Expedition into Uncharted Territory We find fur trapper, John Hart, satisfying his debts in the Buckeye State* and heading south to three-year-old Arkansas Territory in 1822. * There, John acquired a...

Garmania: The Much Under-Appreciated Gar Fish Species

Vicious-looking teeth, armored bodies, and huge in size describes the Gar fish. Sport fisherman know this fish to be as great of a fighter as the Striped Bass, and they love to hunt and fish for them. Before...

Texomland, Economically Speaking, Doing Great!

Texomaland has done well in surviving the pandemic, economically speaking. There have been a lot of economic setbacks, but when you drive around in both states, you see cars parked in front of all the...

Lake Texoma Family Fun Activities: Geocaching Adventures

Geocaching adventures is a great family fun activity to take part in year-round. As the busy lake season winds down, families often have more time for Geocaching. What is Geocaching? Geocaching is much like...

Pet Safety at the Lake Year Round

There are many precautions you can take to ensure your pet’s safety while you enjoy lake life with friends and family. Vaccinating your pet keeps it safe from diseases from wild animals and you safe from...

The Story of Erwin Evans Smith: Preserver of the Cowboy Way

He preserved the history of cowboy life on the range after the cattle drives ended and before the West had changed forever by learning to develop pictures of the working cowboy with a Kodak camera. Erwin Evans...

The Big 2020 Election: Preparing to Vote in Texomland

The voting process in the U.S. can seem complex. In the first section, I give only the facts that might make understanding the voting process simple and clear up a rumor. Then, I discuss how voting procedures...

Innovations for Modern Camping

In my other job, teaching English online, I read interesting articles with intermediate to advanced students. One of my students chose an article about a floating tent, and I decided to look at other great...

Where Did Fishing Poles Come From?

No doubt about it, fishing is big business on Lake Texoma. In 2019, the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation and the Texas Parks and Wildlife found that between December 2018 and July 2019 that...

Remembering Lori Dean Thomas

Agent Lori Dean Thomas: Her Story I wrote this story because as we get into the summer season and the Fourth of July celebrations with a lot of party destination tourists heading our way in Texomaland, we all...

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