"Wild Bill" English, A Motorcycle Ridin', Trombone Playin' Cowboy Poet.

Alrighty, I have been asked to give y'all the lowdown on me. I was born on November 21, 1953 (Scorpio), so I am older than dirt. Yep, God made me, then He made dirt. So that makes me an old Cowboy. Let's see...My dad was born in Alabama and my mom was born in Iowa. Both gone now. I had two brothers and a sister. My second brother died of a gunshot wound, and my sister died of cancer. So that leaves me and my other brother. Our family bleeds green and blue.

My dad retired as a Command Sergeant Major after 30 years in the army. He was in the Korean War where his unit was almost completely wiped out in their first engagement (he was infantry). He was in the Vietnam War (as a Combat Medic) two times, 66-67 and 68-69. He was wounded both times. My father-in-law was in the Air Force in the Vietnam War. He was a John Wayne type. When he first arrived on the tarmac, his unit was under fire from the VC (Viet Nam Cong San).

Well, he grabbed two M16s and returned fire as he ran down the runway. That makes both me and my wife  military brats. We have both been all over the world. My uncle was in Germany under the occupation. My sister-in-law was in Desert Storm. My oldes son was in Iraq twice during that war. I was in the Army from 74-77 mostly pulling border patrol on the Czecoslovakian border (when there was one) during the Cold War. 

So here is a mental picture of me. I used to ride motorcycles. So, try to imagine this—A motorcycle ridin', trombone playin' Cowboy poet. Oh yeah, I have been married for 45 years to the same Texas girl, and I have six grandchildren, four boys and two girls. Girls are very rare in our family, so they are like diamonds and gold to us. I have two sons, of who I am very proud of. They are both strong young men. I have a nickname. Y'all can call me Wild Bill, and I have lived in Texas longer than anywhere else. Well, there is always more, but that is the nutshell. 

The Cowboy Way

Have you heard of the Cowboy way?

Honor.                                  Honesty.  

Courage.                              Truth.

Strength.                               Integrity.

And.                                      And.

Love.                                    Faith. 

--------------not perfection-------------------   

On your knees to the One above,

Giving your word,

Keeping your promise,

These are a few things a Cowboy holds.


Protecting your family,

And all those you love,   

Loving your country,

And fighting if called.

When you give your hand,

It means what you say,

Friends can count on you any day.

Love is what matters,

But is not soft.

It's more like a horse

That no one can stop. 

----------------No quitting in you----------------- 

Tipping your hat,

And opening all doors,

Because she deserves honor,

And all that is yours. 

Giving yourself for those in need, 

Because it's only right for Cowboys to bleed.

Old fashioned things,

So they say these days,

But Cowboys don't care,

This is their way. 

Wild Bill

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