Lake Texoma Access

Lake Texoma sees visitors from across the great United States of America, and international folks are comers. Lake Texoma is a crucial part of economic growth in Oklahoma and Texas and sees between six and seven million visitors annually. The ways to access Lake Texoma are innumerable.

Lake Texoma covers 89,000 surface acres with 1,250 of pure playground shoreline. The four cornerstones of Lake Texoma are Gainesville, Texas, Sherman, Texas, Ardmore, Oklahoma, and Durant, Oklahoma. Inside those four corners are miles of ranches, farms, historic small towns, communities, and all give access in one way or another to Lake Texoma. 

What Direction And Which Part of Lake Texoma Are You Trying To Access?

Where you are coming from and where you are headed to on Lake Texoma depends on interstates, state highways, farm to market roads, and back roads with and without names from all four of the cornerstone cities at Lake Texoma.

The towns leading to Lake Texoma access points inside of Ardmore, Durant, Gainesville, and Sherman include Calera, Colbert, Kingston, Marietta, Madill, and Thackerville, Oklahoma, and Denison, Gordonville, Sadler, Sherwood Shores, Pottsboro, Preston Bend, and Whitesboro, Texas. There are winding no name back roads inside that inner circle.

The communities inside those town’s borders close to Lake Texoma are Cartwright, Enos, Lebanon, Platter, and Willis, Oklahoma, and Cambridge, Pottsboro, and Sherwood Shores, Texas. GPS trackers do not recognize some of the back roads leading to the access points to Lake Texoma.

Ardmore, Oklahoma, sits at the crossroads of I35, US 77, and US 70, northwest of Lake Texoma. Follow US 70 east from Ardmore to Madill and Kingston to gain access to the northern shores of Lake Texoma.

Durant, Oklahoma, is at the intersection of US 70 and US 75 on the northeastern corner of Lake Texoma. Follow US 70 east to access the whole eastern border of Lake Texoma.

Gainesville, Texas, lies at the crossroads of I35 and US 82 on the southwestern corner of Lake Texoma. Follow US 82 east to US 377 north to access the southwestern arms of Lake Texoma.

Sherman, Texas, the biggest city near Lake Texoma, is on US 75 and US 82. Follow US 75 north to get to the eastern parts of Lake Texoma or follow US 82 west to access the southern and southwestern parts of Lake Texoma.

Lake Texoma Beach Access

Lake Texoma is flooded with beaches, in parks, at entertainment establishments, on government property in Oklahoma and Texas, and secluded areas that can accessed by ATVs, boat, horseback, or hike. Whatever your beach requirements are, whether it be family fun, party time, or anything in between, there is a beach for you.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers owns and operates Lake Texoma. Two state parks, three Wildlife Management Areas in both states, two national wildlife refuges, an OU bio station, a national fish hatchery, and hundreds of private enterprises offer great beaches. The three main islands, North, Treasure, and Wood have popular swim beaches.

Eisenhower State Park outside of Denison, Texas, and Lake Texoma State Park outside of Kingston, Oklahoma, have superb swim beaches. Both state parks are great for family outings, safe, and have multitudes of activities to participate in. These state parks are so popular in season that visitors should make reservations.

There are almost 24 marinas on Lake Texoma, and while some of them may offer swim beaches, they are lacking, and other marinas have great swim beaches. The following marinas offer swim beaches, but some are grassy beaches.

Public Use Area Swim Beaches

There are 19 public use areas which can include the above resorts. Some of them have wonderful swim beaches and others do not have that sandy beach cove terrain where you can spread out and enjoy. It is best to do research before visiting if you are not familiar with the area.

Numerous waterfront restaurants on Lake Texoma have swim beaches, but it is best to call or research online about your destination if you want to dine and swim. Here is more info on Lake Texoma Swim Beaches.

Boating to Swim Beaches

Some of the best swim beaches on Lake Texoma are accessible only by boat. Families, friends, partygoers, and lovers can discover private and secluded coves that will isolate them from the rest of the lake-going crowd all around Lake Texoma’s 1,250 miles of shoreline with beautiful views and wildlife viewing opportunities.

Best Access Spots in Oklahoma Towns and Communities

Cartwright, Oklahoma: The Burns Run East and West campgrounds provide access to a narrow beach. This not a big beach, but mainly access to swimming.

Enos, Oklahoma: The Buncombe Creek Resort Marina has narrow beaches southeast of Enos, and Enos Beach, also known as Brandon’s Spot, southwest of Enos, also with a narrow beach.

Kingston, Oklahoma: Lake Texoma State Park, east of Kingston, has camping and day use areas with narrow beaches, and access to swimming, a marina, and a boat ramp. Little Glasses Resort & Marina has nice swim beaches northeast of Kingston.

Lebanon, Oklahoma: The Lebanon Public Use Area, south of Lebanon, has a narrow beach.

Platter, Oklahoma: The Platter Flats Equestrian Camp has access to swimming, but no real beaches to speak of.

Willis, Oklahoma: Willis sits right of the eastern edge of the Fobb Bottom Wildlife Management Area. There are beaches scattered all over this 2,205 acre property. It is very popular with boaters and campers for swimming and camping during peak season, and it is hard to find a spot on weekends. 

Best Access Spots in Texas Towns and Communities

Denison, Texas: The Eisenhower State Park is just northwest of Denison. This state park has great swim beaches and many other outdoor activities.

Preston Bend: Preston Bend is located at the end of SH 289/Preston Road. Preston Bend has three parks and lots of little swim beaches.

Tanglewood Resort: Tanglewood has some narrow beaches between its boat slips for swimming.

Sherwood Shores: There are several places to swim near Sherwood Shores. Cedar Mills Marina has a small, but nice, swim beach that gets crowded during season. Juniper Point Campground East has a long narrow beach if the water is not up to high. Walnut Creek Resort & Marina is a small park with nice swim areas. Sherwood Shores and Fobb Bottom are about five miles apart on US 377 at the Willis Bridge. 

Lake Texoma Boat Ramps

No one knows how many boat ramps exist on Lake Texoma because it covers a vast area, and private marina boat ramps, park boat ramps, public use boat ramps, and private boat ramps are ubiquitous on Lake Texoma.

There are 35 known boat ramps skirting Lake Texoma.

The unaccountable boat ramps have probably been recently built, as existing lakeside resorts keep expanding and new resorts and communities continue building up on Lake Texoma, especially on the Oklahoma side. Explore all of your boat ramp options on this Lake Texoma Boat Ramps Map.

Is Lake Texoma Open? 

With Oklahoma and Texas on the borders of Lake Texoma, and with separate state laws and regulations, it can be tricky to know what is closed and open in regards to accessing the lakefront beaches.

Yes, Lake Texoma is open year round. Individual businesses and services for local residents and visitors may be open seasonally, and closed in the winter months, or open for events and tournaments only.

Most privately owned establishments catering to tourists and locals have websites with all of their information regarding their hours and seasons.

Is Lake Texoma Open for Swimming?

Lake Texoma is a watersport lover’s haven. Locals and millions of visitors each year come to Lake Texoma to engage in its water wonderland of a playground.

Yes, Lake Texoma is open for swimming year round.

If you are a polar bear, feel free to swim in January! Folks usually begin getting in the water in April, but swimming in that April is pretty chilly and exhilarating. People can expect to swim in comfortable water temperatures until late September most years at Lake Texoma.

What Time Does Lake Texoma Open?

Lake Texoma is one of those lakes that just goes on and on with various outdoor activities winter, spring, summer, and fall.

Lake Texoma is open 24/7. The businesses that serve this lake are not always open.

Lake Texoma opens itself up differently every season of the year. The beauties of Lake Texoma unfold with each season, and its beauties are as varied as the seasons as the migrating birds come and go and native wild animals and plants live and breed right here.

Lake Texoma Summer Season

Visitors and locals alike go totally Lake Texoma nuts from Memorial Day to Labor Day. The locals like to lollygag around with everything the tourists like to do, except the locals try to enjoy the weekdays whereas the tourists pack Lake Texoma on weekends.

The three most dangerous holidays on Lake Texoma are the Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day weekends. Locals and visitors alike fall prey to the dangers that be on any waterway and rural region. It is so important for folks to realize that Lake Texoma is a major river way and the need to respect the water is all-encompassing.

On Lake Texoma or any waterway, please always have a designated vehicle and boat operator if you and your party want to party. A BUI conviction is as dangerous and expensive as a DUI conviction. Many accidents that occur on the water are preventable. Whether you are a landlubber who hangs at the shore or one who goes all out on water toys, make sure someone is responsible for everyone’s safety.

Lake Texoma Off-Season

From October to April, the fun really begins for the outdoorsman at Lake Texoma. It is a laid-back time of year for locals, lakeside traffic slows to a halt, and folks just enjoy whatever the winter brings them. That might be hardcore weather and beautiful fall and winter reprises from the unpredictable prairie weather non-patterns.

Off-season at Lake Texoma provides some of the very best of the best wildlife viewing opportunities because foliage is minimal while bringing in Eagles and migratory birds from fall through spring. Hunting season brings in the real men and women from December through January. The fishing guides keep on chartering off season.

Lake Texoma is truly a crown jewel of the Red River of the South. There is actually a Red River of the North, which partially forms the border between North Dakota and Minnesota. It flows slowly south to north and ends up pouring into Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada.

Our Red River of the South feeds beautiful Lake Texoma. It rises in two branches in the Texas Panhandle, flows east, and serves as the border between Oklahoma and Texas. It creates a short border between Texas and Arkansas before entering Fulton, Arkansas, and turning south to flow into Louisiana, where it feeds the Atchafalaya River. The total length of the Red River is 1,360 miles with a mean flow of over 57,000 cubic feet per second at its mouth.

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Lake Texoma

Fishing Report from TPWD (Jul. 10)

GOOD. Water stained; 75 degrees; 1.96 feet above pool. Striped bass fishing is great using live bait, slabs or topwaters on the right day. The weather should fire them up this week, watch for birds bouncing around the banks and hovering over schooling fish in deep water along river channels and main lake ledges. Bass fishing is slow using top waters early along the bluffs and using electronics to fish brush piles in coves 10-20 feet of water. Slow and shrink your approach to match the hatch and the heat. Crappie fishing is good jigging brush piles using electronics in the little mineral arm of the lake and near docks. 12-15 feet of water finding structure and roaming fish on chartreuse and black jigs. Catfishing is good seeing channels coming off baited holes and punch bait in 15-25 feet of water. Blue catfish are roaming the deep water in 40-50 feet of water eating cut shad. Fish the rocks and deep flats. Report by Jacob Orr, Guaranteed Guide Service Lake Texoma. Stripers are excellent on topwaters, and the slab bite has really kicked off landing the larger fish. Live bait bite has slowed. Water clarity has improved and the recent flooding has subsided so the summer pattern has resumed. Look for white egrets feeding on fish midlake to direct the way to fish. Report by John Blasingame, Adventure Texoma Outdoors.

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