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Freedom of Speech in Media: You Are Free to Say What You Are Paid to Say

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I recently received a comment from reader William Ray that thanked me for my “refreshing alternative to today’s norm”. But I cannot take the credit. I replied:

“You can thank my publisher/editor, Cassidy Lackey, for the refreshing alternative because he places no restrictions on our articles here at He does not have to bow down to the bottom of the pond where the scum lies for ratings like other Texoma media must do. I mean that as a gentle comment because they must rely on ratings, as in they have no choice. I think all of the media outlets in Texoma do a great job. But here, in our little corner of the internet, I am free to say it like it is. I do miss Walter Cronkite for sure!”

What Is Today’s Media Norm, Traditionally Speaking?

Texomaland media covers the broadcasting black hole that exists between DFW and OKC. Even though! Even though Texomaland is vitally and financially important to both of those metropoles, it is still broadcasting and printing via a national ratings-sanctioned standard, as are those metropoles.

It saddened me to no end when the Ft. Worth Star Telegram closed their business doors because the Dallas Morning News is not going to intimately represent Ft. Worth. I firmly believe that the internet did not stop the “Gutenberg” press, but that the newspapers committed suicide.

The newspapers murdered and buried their own by not embracing the internet as the new, and most importantly, real-time source of news 25 years ago. The major newspapers that did survive, in my not-so-important opinion, have not done enough to peak reader’s interests. Does anyone remember when the Sunday Dallas Morning News was almost two inches thick? Possibly, if the ostrich-sized, newspaper editors watched the issues trending on the internet in their regions and pulled their heads out of the liberal sand . . .but I digress, that would be too good to be true.

Who Is TraditionalTexomaland Media?

It would prove extremely difficult for KXII, KTEN, the Herald Democrat, the Daily Ardmoreite, the Durant Daily Democrat, or the Gainesville Register to forge on with today’s information dissemination system and compete with the internet without their corporate backers. Same for most Texoma radio stations, except for KHYI and KMAD-AM.

We owe our talented Texoma journalists and broadcasters credit for delivering their messages, their attention to our non-profit communities, and their dedication to the audience that they strive to serve. These professionals must cow down to the bottom of the pond where the scum lies because of their powerful corporate affiliates. Behind their prescribed written and broadcasted content, they manage to deliver content that we need to hear and see, which is based on corporate expectation, which in turn is dependent on national ratings.

What We Want to Hear and Read Vs. What We Do Hear and Read

What we need to watch, read, and hear is characteristically different from what we want to hear and see. The newspapers that did survive the www dot world have consolidated. For example, the Daily Ardmoreite and the Sherman Herald Democrat affiliate with GateHouse Media, LLC, the Durant Daily Democrat with Civitas Media, and in part powers the Gainesville Register.

Networks own TV stations. “And yet,” argues one broadcast executive who declined to be identified, “TV evolves with the culture, not the other way around. We reflect culture more than leading it," this executive said.

I never watch Live With Kelly. New York Kelly produces nothing reflective of my world, but the CBS ratings dictate that KXIl will sell the most local advertising as sponsors of her show because of Neilsen results. I want to see a Kinky Friedman morning talk/variety show or this century’s Will Rogers (whoever that may be) in Kelly’s timeslot.

How can we change Kelly’s timeslot? Can any of us afford a Neilsen media research sample for Texoma with real questions for Okies and Texans? Not questions about what is available nationally?

KXII does not have to shell out $$$ for research because CBS picks up that tab. “Nielson . . .makes its data available to the television and cable networks, advertisers and the media.” I finally received an opportunity to tell Neilsen that I do not want to watch Kelly Ripa because of a recent Neilsen research sample conducted in Sherwood Shores. I was not allowed to tell them about Kinky and Will.

According to the executive whom I quoted above:

1. Texomans exist in dysfunctional family units who constantly crack jokes using   sex as a setup or a punch line.

2. Texomans bubble up consistently with happy juice because we are all under 30 or over 50 subsiding in a daytime talk show realm.

3. Texomans function aimlessly and purposeless on the dramatized roller coaster of soap operas.

4. Texomans concern themselves more with Kim Kardashian and the latest Hollywood antics more than they do with reality.

5. Texomans fly by the seat of their pants because we identify with FBI agents, renegade law officers, lawyers, doctors, and nurses who survive harrowing, epic adventures while having affairs and raising children we never have time for.

6. Texomans expect and survive the worst behavior from our criminally-inclined, fellow citizens, and conquer devastating weather hazards three times a day.

7. Thankfully, Texomans love high school sports!


I cannot give an honest critique for most of our local radio stations because I listen to bunches of KHYI and talk radio online. Still, I am 99.99% sure that our Texomaland radio stations broadcast on par with the quality of content that our Texomaland TV stations and newspapers deliver today.  

The internet and radio have more freedom than any other traditional broadcast or news outlet, yet our local music radio depends on Billboard ratings. KMAD-FM is related to two sister stations, KLAK and KMKT. Alpha Media owns them. KMAD-AM cuts it much closer to home independently with the North Texas Radio Group.

KHYI owns my heart as a Texas, renegade, radio broadcaster who does not ignore Red Dirt artists! KHYI President Ken Jones skillfully operates one of the few, wildly successful, independently owned radio stations in the U.S. Ken knows how to fuse radio, internet, events, and live music with independence from Billboard.

Thank You Independent Media and Traditional Media Personnel

In conclusion, because of a comment in reference to one of my articles, I want to thank Cassidy Lackey for his dedication to his media outlet in our little corner of the internet, and for allowing his contributors and readers to express their true opinions and use their ability to call it like it is! I also want to thank all of the Texoma media personnel for expertly doing what they can professionally do with what they have to work with!




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