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Wendy Bova is a writer and a small business owner in the Lake Texoma area. She has resided here for the past 6 years and calls this beautiful place home and absolutely loves Lake Texoma. Wendy was a water safety instructor and private swimming instructor for 12 years so she has a passion for the water. If you have any questions or topics you would like to hear about regarding our area you can contact her at

On one of our recent cold nights and after being tired from work and busy with my schedule, I was driving home and I saw something that I needed to see. It warmed my heart as well as giving me a great reminder. There’s a home in my neighborhood that’s rented out to weekenders/vacationers and they have a beautiful fire pit out front and what I saw was a group of children roasting marshmallows. It may sound simple and you’re exactly right; simplicity of life right there as I drove by. It was so wonderful to see children not buried in a tablet watching movies, on a phone or playing a video game! Even at our home the first thing that’s always asked by kids who arrive is, “what is your Wi-Fi code?” We tell them it’s on the sign on the fridge in the kitchen and to their disappointment they find that the sign reads, “NO WI-FI, Go outside and enjoy life!” So to see those children the other night exchange those social media/movie/games for enjoying the outdoors with each other, even though it was cold, made me ponder a little bit.

No matter the temperature or even the weather, lake-life is simple. Anything can be made complicated, even in the lake-life, but it’s certainly easier to sit back and enjoy the simple things when you’re out here versus the big city rush. That’s why there are families, couples or individuals that come out to our lake for their retreat from the rush, whether for a night of camping or a weekend stay at one of the beautiful local vacation rentals. It’s usually not the other way around, where lake-life folks head to the city for a retreat of simplicity.

Yet, are we who live here taking advantage of what we have? I’m guilty of getting so busy with work and daily life that it takes for me to be reminded now and then as to why we choose to live here. Like seeing those children in my neighborhood roasting those marshmallows; so I roasted some last night, just because. They were great by the way!

When was the last time you roasted one or warmed up next to a fire outside at a fire pit or even at the left over fiery coals in your BBQ? Or even got bundled up and gazed at the many stars on a crisp winter night? Lake-life is all year round, not just for the warmer months. I challenge you and myself to find the simplicity and leave the phone, leave the schedule and enjoy these beautiful cooler months out here at our very own Lake Texoma.

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