Create Vacation Home Privacy and Comfort with Budget Blinds

When you head to the lake to enjoy your vacation home, you want it to be as comfortable and enjoyable as your primary home. Whether you rent or own, you want your dockominium, loft, cottage, or whatever style vacation home you have to be comfortable and private so that you can relax and enjoy your time at the lake. Budget Blinds of Texoma has the perfect solution to make your vacation home just the way you like it.

It’s tempting to try and make your own window coverings. It may seem like the cost-effective option. You can run down to your favorite big box retailer and buy off the shelf blinds or curtains, install them yourself. However, there are many considerations that the do-it-yourself options don’t cover and, if you mismatch colors, choose the wrong size and options, you may be out some investment and only added frustration.  Why create that heartburn for perceived savings, especially when you’re on vacation!  Buy them once and get it right or buy them several times because they don’t last.

Vacation home window coverings come in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, and other options. From blinds and shades to drapes and shutters, you want the perfect window coverings for your vacation home.

3 Pain Points for the Lakefront Homeowner and Renter

Every lakefront property owner and renter has three primary considerations when it comes to window coverings. These three problems all have simple solutions that are better left to professionals and will save amateurs money and headaches.

  1. Privacy –Just as you don’t want the neighbors and visitors in your day-to-day home lurking or glancing into the windows of your home while spending quality time with family and friends, privacy is an important consideration for the lake home, as well. Keep your windows covered and you’ll feel more at ease when you sleep at night. However, while you want privacy, there are times when you’ll want to enjoy the beautiful views from inside your vacation home. A professional window covering expert can evaluate your vacation home and help you decide the best type of window covering for your type of property.
  2. Sun glare – Another annoying problem is sun glare. If you’re watching television, catching the latest streaming movie, or playing games with friends, you want to limit the amount of sunlight entering your recreational space. Each type of window treatment has the ability to control the amount of sunlight entering your space any time of day.  Smart home shades can automatically control light for you by rising in the morning and shutting at night all on their own.
  3. Heat – And lastly, you go to the lake to escape the heat and cool off.  Having the right kind of window treatment is essential to controlling the heat and providing a cool and comfortable escape.  With the right treatments you can actually save on your electric bills and when adding smart home automation this can be done automatically for you by lowering shades during the hottest part of the day or to remotely allow control when you’re not there.

Different Types of Vacation Homes Have Different Needs

Different styles of vacation homes have different window sizes, and windows may be placed differently throughout the home. For instance, some dockominiums may not have a window over the kitchen sink while a full-size home could have a bay window overlooking the water. These considerations are important for choosing the right window covering for your vacation home.

  • Vacation home – If you own your lakefront property, you can fit it with any type of window covering you want. Blinds, shades and shutters make the perfect choice for many vacation homes because they facilitate privacy or openness depending on your mood, all while adding style. Step out and give yourself that beach feel while at the lake.  When drapes are also added, you obtain that next level of elegance and warmth.
  • Dockominium – Similar to condominiums, a dockominium is a lakefront property that has a property manager who takes care of common amenities while dockominium owners pay a monthly fee for those services. Ownership rights of these properties usually include a boat slip and may include small living quarters.  Having window treatments that are durable and easy to use for multiple guests while adding style to your space can make a huge difference to that luxury feel right on the water.  
  • Vacation Rentals – Many lake vacation homes are short term rentals, typically for less than a week’s stay.  As an owner you want that look that gets your properties rented regularly, but also provides ease of use for your guests and durability for your maintenance.

Budget Blinds are professionals at decorating all types of vacation homes with window coverings suitable to the home, the owner or renter, and the community.

What to Look for in Vacation Home Window Coverings

The perfect vacation home window coverings are the ones that are right for you, your family, and your vacation home. Whether you rent or own your vacation home, you want it to be a comfortable place of refuge. The right window coverings will help you achieve the comfort and lifestyle you are looking for while on vacation.

Before making your choice in vacation home window coverings, consider:

  • The perfect fit – Buying curtains or blinds and cutting to fit your windows seems easy enough until you try to do it. Windows may be a standard size, but the openings are never standard.   Custom fit treatments make certain that your treatment fits in the window opening and there are no odd gaps because the window opening isn’t square.  Some windows may be odd-shaped—oval, star-shaped, bubbled, multi-paned. There are over twenty popular window shapes, and engineering the perfect size window covering for each shape of window requires a professional expertise that most homeowners don’t have. Budget Blinds brings years of experience to the art of fitting coverings to every window in your vacation home. 
  • Warranty – Warranties for off-the-shelf window treatments are usually shorter as consumers are focused on low price. That low price comes at the cost of quality and performance over time.  Since most treatments are in a window for over 10 years, you want the best performance and durability over time.  So protect your investment with solid products backed by limited lifetime warranties.  And because Budget Blinds is the largest national reseller of window treatments, they add their own 5 year “no-questions-asked” warranty to most of their products. So if a big wave knocks grape juice out of your hand on the docko, Budget Blinds will repair or replace the window treatment to make it new again. It protects your investment and is the perfect protection for raucous parties or large family gatherings. 
  • Right Price – Budget Blinds offers various products at various budgets.  Budget doesn’t mean “cheap.”  It means they’ve got you covered if you just want inexpensive blinds for the docko or want the whole house smart home experience where all you do is lay back and enjoy the down time.  They have a product for your price. 

Schedule a free no-commitment in-home consultation with Budget Blinds today to discuss window coverings for your vacation home.  And Budget Blinds of Texoma is local to Texoma! 

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